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swappu June 20, 2007 11:05

Mesh in free space

I am working on my project where I need to mesh the free space in a rectangular duct or pipe i.e., to say that I need to have mesh inside the pipe where the fluid flows.I have no idea if I could do that.Please help me if anyone has any idea or any tutorial suggesting this point. Thankyou, swappu

Neil June 21, 2007 08:29

Re: Mesh in free space
Its pretty straight forward to do. Look at the gambit and fluent tutorial for the 2D mixing elbow. These can be found on various websites and within the gambit and fluent tutorial manuals.

swapna June 21, 2007 15:18

Re: Mesh in free space
I am working on a 3d duct where the flow is through the duct i.e., the flow is through the space or hollow region in the duct where i find no source of meshing components.

Neil June 22, 2007 08:09

Re: Mesh in free space
I'm not really sure what your asking but if your trying to create a mesh for the fluid zone in the duct just mesh a face then use that as the source when you apply the cooper meshing scheme which will extrude the face mesh along the duct

swapna June 25, 2007 13:50

Re: Mesh in free space
Hey Neil,

Thankyou for replying.I want the mesh inside the duct where the fluid flows and not along the duct.How to extrude the face mesh?after meshing a face when I go for volume meshing and select cooper option I dont see any command that says source for this. Thankyou once again for your reply. Swapna

Neil June 26, 2007 09:15

Re: Mesh in free space
When using cooper there should be an option to choose source faces, if not just mesh the volume straight off using cooper using hex/wedge elements. The fluid continuum region has to be along the duct as this is where the flow field is. By along the duct do you mean the actual solid duct? Have you modelled the duct but not the fluid region within it?

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