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Markus Alzon June 21, 2007 08:38

Storing Surface Area of each cell in a file?

I'd like to write out the surface-area of each cell in an ASCII-File.

In the FLuent-User Guide, I found this:

"Cell Surface Area (in the Adaption... category) is the total surface area of the cell, and is computed by summing the area of the faces that compose the cell."

which sound pretty interesting to me, but I only need the areas "touching" a selected surface (these cell-areas that I can see when displaying the results by using the Contours-Panel and selecting that Surface).

In the Functions to write in the Export-Panel, I found Z-Surface Area, as well as Cell Surface Area (which is dropped out as shown in the citation above).

Would the "Z-Surface Area" be the correct value, that I need, or could you propose another function? I figured out that the sum of all Z-Surfaces is pretty close to that value that I get when calculating the whole area by using the "Projected Surface Areas".

I hope you understood my question and I would be glad if anybody could give me a hint about it.

Thanks in advance,


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