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Glenn June 27, 2007 13:57

Airfoil Leading Edge Heat Transfer
I have a Y+~1 mesh (with associated near-wall mesh spreading), running with the RKE w/ wall enhancement for P,T turbulence modeling. The analysis runs around an airfoil section. The flowpath is turbulent (Intensity ~ 5%, dissipation lengh specified), compressible flow. Since I have a refined wall mesh, the boundary layer is integrated to the wall through the mesh, and heat flux = K*dT/dY at the wall. Does FLUENT therefore return a laminar heat flux (and HTC)result near the airfoil leading edge region, indicative of a newly forming boundary layer? If not, what tells the solver to produce a non-laminar near leading edge heat flux? (ie: how does FLUENT know not to provide a laminar value?) Thank you, my colleagues, for your insights. Glenn

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