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Maharba June 27, 2007 14:27

Calculation of pressure forces in Fluent
Hi, I am trying to calculating the forces on a body due to pressure only on a body. Fluent gives an answer for a particular component (say x direction). However, When I try to calculate the same (by taking the pressure profile along the surface and multiplying it by the area and them extracting the x component of it), the resultant force seems to be much higher than what Fluent gives. Does anyone know how Fluent calculates this? IS there any additional things that I am missing? Thanks for your kind answers in advance. Mahar

G'bli Gedook June 28, 2007 10:27

Re: Calculation of pressure forces in Fluent
What type of surface? Did you perform an integration?

Maharba June 29, 2007 01:14

Re: Calculation of pressure forces in Fluent
Its a blunt body type geometry and I am performing an axisymmetric calculation. I perform a summation of the Fx component at each face along the boundary (F=P*A). I take the face normal of each boundary face (assuming a straight line between two nodal points) and resolve them into x and y components. For the area, I take the area of a trapezioid, which is what an axisym. annular section will result in. Please let me know if i am making any mistakes Thanks.

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