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Shoaib June 30, 2007 10:44

computing Nusselt number in a cavity
Hello gentlemen,

I was working on fluent to compute the heat transfer analysis in a differentially heated cavity regarding I have few doubts .

The model is a basically 2d with temp gradient along two sides and adiabatic boundary on the other two sides with air as the fluid enclosed in it .

1. While doing the analysis is there any neccesity to give a convective boundary condition at nay of the faces ,if yes how ?

2.How to compute the mean nusselt number for the cavity (Is the method of using the surface integrals correct or some better method maybe employes so that we get a correct value to taht obtained by any other value reported in the literature )

thanking you



Karek June 23, 2009 04:22

computing Nusselt number in a cavity
Hi all!

My study is related with 2D natural convection in a square cavity.I change the location and length of the heat sink-sourse pairs to see flow structure in cavity.

I solved in Fluent program, but I dont know where can I obtain surface Nu and average Nu numbers.Is there any command to calculate average and local Nu number in Fluent.

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