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taran July 2, 2007 11:35

plotting streamlines
hi all plz help me to plot streamlines over a circular cylinder

Glenn July 2, 2007 14:18

Re: plotting streamlines
To plot streamlines emmitted from any surface... from the main GUI window DISPLAY --> Pathlines --> (select options). You can also create "oil flow" results for a surface from same location (see "Oil flow" toggle button, top, left. (Suggestion: set step soize smaller than can change results.)

taran July 2, 2007 15:43

Re: plotting streamlines
Hi Glenn

thanks for the reply

i got your point , i have tried this out and I have two problems with this method 1. My problem is based on laminar flow over 2 d cylinder so i dont want the pathlines emitted from any surface rather they should flow over the surface of cylinder . With this method i am getting pathlines emitted from the cylinder itself which should not happen .

2. I want to plot streamlines specificaly although these are same for steady flow (pathlines n streamlines) but is there any other way to actually plot streamlines in fluent

i hope you understnd my problems

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