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Markus Alzon July 4, 2007 01:18

DPM: using UDF for creating and deleting Particles

I'd like to write an UDF for a DPM simulation, with which I can create new Droplets, and also delete old ones.

In the src-folder of Fluent, I found the header with all the structs and functions for DPM.

As far as I understand, a new particle can be created with "new_particle(void)", or also appended to an existing particles-list ("append_particle_to_list(Particle *p, Particle **pl, Injection *I)"). I guess that the double pointer "**pl" is pointing to the last particle in the thread?

Instead of creating a completely new particle, copying one might be more convenient. So, I also tried the functions "copy_particle_pvars" and "deep_cop_particle".

So, far I was not really successful, and the newly created particles were not tracked.

I would be glad, if anyone could give me a hint.

Thanks in advance,


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