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Ken July 4, 2007 05:47

[Earn cash] UDF For freely vibrating cylinder

Does anyone currently have or know how to write a UDF for a freely vibrating cylinder, ie, when a current pass thoguht the cylinder, the cylinder will oscillates in the y-direction only?

Hence simulating the effect of VIV. I means that UDF will required to find the vertical velocity from the fluid-intreaction force, which can then tell the cylinder how much it will be moved by.

Willing to pay a reasonable amount for the UDF. Please reply if interested.

natto January 1, 2011 16:27

see for freely vibrating cylinder ,u cant define the cylinder motion so i dont think so that u need a udf because it is a vortex induced vibration ,if u really intrseted in udf u can assume its equation is like sinosoidal motion with max amplide will be 2 times of dia of cylinder ,for this udf u can get from ansys tutorial that idea was same but plz define ur problem clearly i m also struggling for the same viv my email id is

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