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bisounours July 7, 2007 04:27

Rate coefficient
Hi everyone,

In fluent, when specifying chemical reactions, I am asked the preexponential factor, the temperature exponent and of course the activation Energy.

But what is the coefficient rate ? There is one different by species and I can't figure out with the fluent user's guide how to calculate it.

Thanks a lot

sami July 8, 2007 08:37

Re: Rate coefficient
if you mean rate exponent, i can tell you that we have the same problem. however, i think that it is more chemistry than software. i advise you to look for it in a chemical forum. i posted a message on (general chemistry)about that purpose. You can get answers there. if i will get something i will share it with you good luck

Allan Walsh July 9, 2007 13:31

Re: Rate coefficient
Like all engineering problems, just keep the units consistent. Seems simple, but it is easy to waste a week or two because of a simple conversion error - I know from experience.

bisounours July 9, 2007 13:39

Re: Rate coefficient
what do you mean ? For instance

CH4 + 02 -> 2 H20 + CH2

What rate coefficient do you set ?

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