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Pathway July 11, 2007 02:02

VOF model of water film
I am modeling a rectangle space with down-wall having water film. I want to know water will blow away by velocity inlet of air or not.

In Gambit, I set two fluid zones. One is for water film and the other is for air. I use VOF model in Fluent. In setting boundary condition, water fluid zone chooses water phase and sets source term and set mass is 1000 kg /s-m^3; air fluid zone chooses air phase and sets source term and set mass is 1.2 kg /s-m^3.

I want to know these steps for setting is right or not?

In Fluent help, I don't realize the meaning of mass of source term.

Can anyone give me a hand and suggestions?

Or anyone who has the tutorials like this problem for Fluent 6.2.


FATIMA July 21, 2007 07:33

Re: VOF model of water film
I m too ,i have some problemes with vof i want just to know how have you defined the interface between the air and liquid?i want to study the interaction between a inclined gas jet and bath of liquid :application to refusion in laser traitement for your probleme ,you can search on science direct ,you write liquid pool as keywords ,and search for this article :computational fluid dynamic modelling of gas jet impiniging onto liquid pools

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