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Marc July 11, 2007 13:31

FLUENT will not iterate

I'm having a curious problem. I have a mesh that will not solve on one computer I have running FLUENT 6.0. I begin to iterate and it never gets around to processing one iteration.

On a computer with FLUENT 6.3, attempting the same mesh gives me a Floating Point Error (imprecise). I have done much reading into this error and have tried to improve my mesh, but I am confused as to why two different versions would react so differently.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what would be causing this?

Joe July 11, 2007 13:33

Re: FLUENT will not iterate
Is the iterate button greyed out?

Marc July 11, 2007 14:30

Re: FLUENT will not iterate
Yes it is. It is as if FLUENT is iterating but can't find a solution to the first iteration. The bizarre thing is that it never comes up with a warning (and I've let it run for a couple hours before terminating it).

Glenn July 12, 2007 08:20

Re: FLUENT will not iterate
If I understand correctly, Fluent is not even completing a single iteration. I am not sure, but I would encourage you to check the following: 1) if you did not initialize the flow field prior to iterating, Fluent may have zero's assigned to variables such as pressure, temperature, etc. Try initializing (or reinitializing) the entire flow field and assign non-sero values to each of the flow variables. 2) If you are reading in a *.profs file to assign variable flow continions on an inflow or exiting boundary condition, Fluent may be having problems establishing the boundary condition. Herein, I suggest you simplify all boundary conditions to constant values of Pt, Tt, etc and see if Fluent will stat to iterate. Once started, you can then reassign the desired boundary conditions. (If this is the problem, check your *.profs file to be sure it is aligned to the boundary surface.

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