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summer July 12, 2007 09:19

The reporting of mass flow rate
Hello, everyone. Now I have a problem of reporting the mass flow rate. After I finish my calculation, when I try "report->flux", it says the mass flow rate of inlet and outlet are both zero. However, when I try the "surface -> mass flow rate", I have some values at the inlet and outlet, which seems exactly the value I wanted. I am confused with the difference between the two methods. Could someone give some explanation? Thank you in advance!

Glenn July 12, 2007 09:35

Re: The reporting of mass flow rate
On report --> flux --> mass flow rate... highlight the inflow and/or outflow boundaries of interest. Cick compute and look adjacent to highlighte boundaries for thier individual values. The summation of all highlighted boundaries will be reported in lower, right corner of the window. (If all inlet and exit boundaries are highlighted, this should be very near zero.) This reports values in single precision accuracy, irregardless of whether solution was run dingle or double precision.

On report --> surface integrals --> mass flow rate... you can do the same thing. It reports consistent with the above, except here it reports in double precision accuracy, if analysis was double precision.

I checked one of my analysis (Version 6.2.16) and it reports consistent and accurate!

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