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James July 13, 2007 05:36

problem with axisymmetric flow-how to monitor pts

I have a 2d model that is axisymmetric. I want to monitor the pressure at a point.

I tried first by defining surface monitor and under report type, i selected area weighted average and then under surface, i created a line at the point where i want to monitor the pressure. Is this procedure right? or do i have to monitor the pressure instead at a point? When I run a 3d simulation, i monitor a plane by the using the point & normal function under surface for creating the plane....i am wondering what should be done in the case of a 2d flow.

The main problem i have is this. After recording the time series data in the line, when i plot it, i am seeing something like the data is being reflected because of the axisymmetry. Any idea why i am having this behavior and how can i correct it.

If you need further explanation, i can send you the plot by email attachment if you send me your email address.

Looking forward to a quick response.


Joe July 13, 2007 09:04

Re: problem with axisymmetric flow-how to monitor
Why dont you just set up a point monitor?

James July 13, 2007 09:55

Re: problem with axisymmetric flow-how to monitor

I suspect i will get something similar. Why? I created a point and when i display the point, i saw two i might get for each point two values recorded which will lead to to a similar problem.

I there a way i can prevent the symmetric point from being into account? or how do i deactivate the symmetric point?


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