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fivep July 18, 2007 15:41

Urg: Particle tracks discrete phase summary sample
Hi all,

I am monitoring the particles that are trapped on surface A, and exit through outlet B and outlet C.

1. For some reasons, discrete phase summary cannot be shown (I can only get info from report>discrete phase>sample or histogram). Do you know how to retrieve the summary?

2. When I use report>discrete phase>sample to calculate numbers of particles tracked/escaped/trapped/aborted/etc. from each boundary (I didn't create surface>plane), it seems that the values are all the same no matter which boundary I pick. Do you know why?? And so, how can I calculate the numbers of particles escaped/trapped/etc from each surface??

Many Thankssss!!!

ritmat July 19, 2007 03:01

Re: Urg: Particle tracks discrete phase summary sa
one of my problem was as well that if i created a surface and wanted to watch the particules at this surface , but it was showing all particules on the plane corresponding to that surface. So means on your whole geometry belong to that plane not limited... maybe it can be your problem as well. To overcome that i used the file i got in excel and remove values i didnt want. But if you succeed to make it work better i will be glad to hear that. cu

SJSW July 7, 2014 06:39

I have the same problem in sampling particle number and diameter walking through the outlet in a transient simulation using ANSYS 14 Fluent. The major part is that the function "appending file" can't be activated with the box checked and the button "start " clicked. Could anyone be kind to help solve this? That would be a great help.

SJSW July 7, 2014 07:16

Another problem coming...

The output file is named XXX.dpm,
and it can be opened with Notpad or Excel.

The content header is as follows:
x y z u v w diameter t mass-flow mass frequency time name

x, y and z is the positions.
u, v and w is the velocity.

I don't know the meanings of "t," "mass-flow," "mass," "frequency," "time," and "name."

Could anyone help?

SJSW July 21, 2014 00:01

Results→Reports→Discrete Phase→Sample→Set up...→Start→Stop→Start
Run Calculation→Calculate

x y z u v w diameter t parcel-mass mass n-in-parcel time name
x, y and z is the positions.
u, v and w is the velocity.
diameter ?? of particle or parcel??
t is temperature
parcel-mass is the total mass of particles in a parcel
time ??
name ?? I don't know the meaning or how they are assigned...

Anyone help please?

SJSW July 21, 2014 04:48

diameter is for "particle." I calculated the density and got this conclusion.

The .dpm file recorded the particle properties.
The numbers of tracked, escaped, aboted and so on in TUI window are for "parcel."

However, the meaning of "time" is not understood yet.

Anyone help please? qq

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