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Meng Wai Woo July 22, 2007 06:58

Droplet Drying Model
Dear all,

I am trying to incorporate a droplet drying model using the UDF.

The particle saturated vapour pressure reduces acorrdingly to the volatile component of the droplet. However, when the droplet reaches a critical volatile composition, the evaporation stops and immeditely there is a sudden jump in the particle mass vs time profile. The paritcle mass will suddenly drop to the mass of the solid content.

This is affectign my final results as i am trying to capture to final volatile composition hitting the boundary wall. I have a feelign that this is due to the solver switching the droplet to inert mode once the evaporation stops (and also not reaching the boiling point).

Anyone has idea on how to eleviate this problem?

M. W. Woo

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