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MW July 25, 2007 10:51

Heater problem - radiation.

I've recently built a high temperature resistive micro heater. I have obtained the (Watts per meter cubed) results from the experiment, and they compare well with and electrical finite element model I have made. I tried to make a fluent model with these W/m^3 results. Unfortunately, I seem to be getting incredibly high temperatures (+5000k). The fluent model consists of a small square heater, sitting on a substrate (solid) within room temperature air (fluid). I am using boussinesq to calculate the buoyancy driven force.

Now, I haven't yet been able to obtain the temperature experimentally yet but I believe the temperature to be about 900-1000 degrees centigrade. That being so, should I be using a radiation model? So far I have only concerned myself with convection and conduction as I have been dealing with much lower temperatures.

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