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Sal July 30, 2007 08:05

Velocity Profiles
Does any one know how to draw velocity profiles at specified heights. I am trying to draw Axial and Tangential Velocity profiles on a cyclone to compare results. Thanks for the help in advance.


ritmat July 30, 2007 08:25

Re: Velocity Profiles
create surfaces and then display on the surfaces

Sal July 30, 2007 08:52

Re: Velocity Profiles
I have created a Plane surface and then displayed the axial & tangential Velocity. What i need is the profiles that are in this workshop of Qnet on pages 12,13,18,19,20,21,22,23 and 29. The link is below from where the PDf file is located. Thanks in advance

K.Baker August 2, 2007 09:06

Re: Velocity Profiles
Hi Sal what you mean with tangintial velocity ? I have a paper draw these profiles for a pipe flow but i am not understood how the author made this?


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