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Emma July 31, 2007 09:27

Non-premixed Combustion
Hi Fluent users,

I would like to know if I have 2 streams of air, 1 dry air and 1 moist air (ie include H2O component in my mass fraction), is it possible to use the non-premixed combustion? If I can, how am I going to define the compositions of the 2 different air streams at the inlet boundaries since the boundries ask for 'mean mixture fraction' and 'mixture fraction variance'.

Please help!!

Jan July 31, 2007 15:35

Re: Non-premixed Combustion
You can use the specie transport and the eddy dissipation model. In that case you can specifie individual species on any boundary Jan

cg August 1, 2007 15:22

Re: Non-premixed Combustion
Or you can use the two-mixture fraction model.

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