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JoĆ£o fernandes August 6, 2007 15:34

Multiphase flow
Hi to everyone. I am trying to simulate multiphase flow in a column whose internals are structured packing. In this column I have a countercurrent flow of gas and liquid phases. I stated by drying the geometry of a packing module in Gambit and made some previous runs in Fluent. The next step is trying to simulate the whole column, I am trying to simulate the hydrodynamics, mass and heat transfer. The only thing isn't clear is how to,with only one modulus of packing, obtain results for the whole column (I'm very new in CFD modelling). Maybe you could give me some hints of how to do this. Thank you very much in advance!

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Joe August 6, 2007 17:28

Re: Multiphase flow
Periodic boundarys + momentum source. Covered in heat exchanger tutorial.

JoĆ£o fernandes August 6, 2007 19:12

Re: Multiphase flow
First of all, thank you Joe for answering.But I think it isn“t so simple, when I am only interested in hydrodynamics, I accept that the flow fields will be periodic for each packing modulus. But I think what happens with heat and mass transfer is different since periodicity will not exist in the axial direction of the column, in my case, gas should increase its temperature along the column (I can specify a temperature at the column wall or introduce a heat flux, but the temperature field will not be periodic) and also the mass fractions of each component of the system will also variate axially (it is an extraction column for a liquid mixture and a gas, one of the components of the liquid mixture will be more absorved by the gas than the other, again I think this has not periodicity).

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