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free August 7, 2007 04:44

reversed flow
Hi i want to simulate flow in 2 channel but i have bellow massega: reversed flow on 75 faces on outflow. what is it? can anyone explain about it for me? whit king regards free

Joe August 7, 2007 06:48

Re: reversed flow
Move your boundary conditions further away from the point of interest.

red lemon August 8, 2007 14:56

Re: reversed flow
the pressure just inside of the outlet is lower than than applied in the boundary condition at the exit and flow is trying to re-enter the domain. Check that application of a uniform static pressure is correct but moving the boundary further is the best approach. If 3d you can use extrude-face-zone-delta inside Fluent.

free August 10, 2007 14:39

Re: reversed flow
Hi tankx for your reply,but how can i tranfer my face in gambit or fluent? and how can i use "extrude-face-zone-delta " ? Best regards Free

harsh_999 February 27, 2014 02:56

Hello red lemon,
If 3d you can't use extrude-face-zone-delta inside Fluent as Extruding face zones is only allowed in the 3D version of ANSYS FLUENT

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