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andrew mettler hayes August 8, 2007 11:34

SolidWorks Connection
Is the SolidWorks Connection part of the latest Fluent? or is it something that is made by SolidWorks?


red lemon August 8, 2007 13:49

Re: SolidWorks Connection
The SW CAD connection tool is made by Fluent and is a plugin for 2005 and 2006. It is at no charge and allows direct or translation read between SW and Gambit or FloWizard. Translation converts to parasolid but direct read uses the parasolid kernel now inside Gambit and FloWizard creating a faceted CAD based geometry that has similar functions to virtual geometry. Direct read is preferred to avoid translation and thus prevent loss/corruption.

The latest release is v1.2.2 and is compatible with release Gambit 2.4.6 and release FloWizard 3.0.4. No additional licences are needed to use it. You can use it to check you can extract a fluid region(s) and it is a closed body before taking it into FW/Gambit. There is no associativity though currently.

andrew mettler hayes August 8, 2007 13:51

Re: SolidWorks Connection
thanks. I have brought Parasolids from Solidworks into gambit before. I am hoping this makes it a little easier.

red lemon August 8, 2007 14:48

Re: SolidWorks Connection
In fact, I recall that you need an additional licence feature line adding "cad-parasolid" but its at no cost.

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