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mqits August 9, 2007 11:40

simulation of non-newtonian flow
I am a student at institute in Surabaya,Indonesia.Now I am finishing my final project about flow of mud in Sidoarjo. I must make a simulation of non newtonian flow because I use high concentration mud about 50% volume. I must know the characteristic of mud,so I must count the pressure and velocity flow of mud in pipe. My friend sad that is very difficult,so I don't know where I can ask again. Could you help me to make model the flow of mud in horizontal pipe?it is very important because the volume of mud is over 10,000,000 litre and maybe you have watched from television. Our government must remove mud to the Sea by pipe and I must to simulate it with fluent,to get the optimum design of pipelines. Sory, if my English in not good so I hope you can understand. Thank very much, sir. I wait your answer.

Joe August 9, 2007 12:53

Re: simulation of non-newtonian flow
Start with a 1D ODE based model.

mqits August 14, 2007 11:24

Re: simulation of non-newtonian flow
Excuse me,Sir. Do you know about mud vulcano flow in Sidoarjo, Indonesia?My city could face flooding within the next two years if nothing was done to reduce the sedimentation of mud. Do you have the property of mud, sir?for example: particle diameter, viscosity (non-newtonian) and density of mud. I am very need it to simulate the flow of mud with fluent in horisontal pipelines so I can predict the flow characteristic before we do it in real pipe. Please tell me about it. Thank for your answer

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