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Vitalij August 11, 2007 07:57

warning message C4005: 'stdout' macro redefinition

If I compile my UDF, I get error massage: c:\\fluent6.3.28\src\machine.h(114) : warning C4005: 'stdout' : macro redefinition C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\INCLUDE\stdio.h(160) : see previous definition of 'stdout'

What can it mean and what can I do?

I know, that information about this problem could be found here:

but I don't have account for Can sombody copy from this Link a text for me? Thank's a lot!


Joe August 11, 2007 09:05

Re: warning message C4005: 'stdout' macro redefini
You can safely ignore that warning and warnings similar to it.

hassansalem August 1, 2012 20:12

If you are using Visual Studio 2005 Express or Standard Edition you might see warnings in the FLUENT window when you compile your UDF.
For example: warning C4005: 'stdout' : macro redefinition, etc. The UDF does compile and is able to load. You can disregard these warnings.
Explanation: These warning are in regard to the user defined data sections where users write-to/read-from the FLUENT data file in their UDF explicitly.
If you want to get rid of the warnings, you may put the following at the very top of your UDF source file:
Additionally, if you want to use user defined data sections, i.e., input from / output to the FLUENT data file in theUDF you will need to put the following definition before the include of "udf.h":
In addition, users are restricted to using the following six I/O functions:

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