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. August 18, 2007 20:48

Gambit, Fluent on Vista?
Does Gambit with Exceed 2007 and Fluent work ok with Vista?

ck3 August 19, 2007 03:29

Re: Gambit, Fluent on Vista?
Exceed 2007 don't work in vista but 2008's version is working.

saharesobh August 1, 2012 15:28

Hi. I have one question. Actually I am working with Ansys Fluent 13. and I meshed my model via Ansys Fluent . But I am going to change the boundary condition. I cannot go back to mesh set up. because the mesh filed was sent to me by my advisor. but you know, when I go to set up part in Ansys Fluent, file, mesh, gambit,,,,
I mean in set up I have gambit. but I don't know how to open my case file or mesh file in gambit in Ansys Fluent 13. Would you please give me some advise. Just to mention I don't have gambit in my laptop. I have just Ansys FLuent 13.

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