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carno August 21, 2007 02:26

TUI commands logging???
How to find a TUI command for a particular GUI operation. Where to see the logged command so that a journal file can be written for repeated operations.

I am former STARCD user. There you can directly copy commands from display to write a macro. (same as Ansys)

Help is requested. I have to post process many case and data files in a similar way.

Joe August 21, 2007 05:48

Re: TUI commands logging???
Start recording a journal file.

Perform the GUI operation.

Stop recording the journal file.

carno August 21, 2007 07:36

Re: TUI commands logging???
This will not give the TUI command. I tried this. This just gives the information of which GUI panels are used to so th operation. Although this solves the purpose; it is not reusable or understandable like pure GUI commands.

Thanks for this comment.

jasond August 21, 2007 15:03

Re: TUI commands logging???
Right. The recorded macro probably will not be all that helpful. There are three possible paths that I can think of:

1) Look around until you find it.

2) Look at the TUI docs - there is an online version that (as far as I know) ships with Fluent. There is not much there, and it is really more of a list, but it helps with path #1.

3) Ask Fluent's support people, or here in the forum.

Most of the TUI and GUI commands are present in both interfaces in some form or another. The recorded macro approach, while maybe not all that easy to modify, will work. What are you trying to do?

Jason D.

carno August 22, 2007 01:02

Re: TUI commands logging???
Thanks jasond. I want to do post processing of many case and data files. Doing it by GUI is almost impossible. Right now I have written a journal file, which is not fully automatic. I want to do it fully automatic. Means when I run the journal file all the pictures wanted by me should be dumped in the working directory. Few problem I faces with the TUI journal,

1. I am not able to select the particular surface to plot the contour plot. I have to select it thru GUI and run the journal.

2. Not able to plot the grid outline (say section outline). /display grid-outline command do not give me desired result.

Etc etc. Do fluent users extensively use the TUI commands, since I find them very useful in automation? (StarCD has this very powerful capability)


jasond August 22, 2007 14:36

Re: TUI commands logging???
I use the TUI quite a lot, but I don't know that others do. I know a long-time Fluent users who used to use the TUI exclusively, but as time passed (and new versions came out) he switched to using the GUI. In my opinion, for automation purposes there is no better way to use Fluent. I think I can answer your questions:

1) To set surfaces for viewing, you sometimes need to use "/display/set..." commands. For example, I have a surface named near-ceiling and I want velocity mag contours:

> /display/set/contour/surface
contour surface id/name(1) [21] near-ceiling
contour surface id/name(2) [()]

> /display/contour

contours of> velocity-magnitude
minimum value (ft/min) [0]
maximum value (ft/min) [90.752665]


So, you need to set the contour surface in a separate command. You'll still need to set the view to something that works.

2) This, I am not so sure about. Try /display/surface-grid and see if that works for you. Their terminology on this is a little confusing, so I am not sure this is what you want. I was able to get things that look like the GUI grid outline plot. Let me know if it doesn't work like you want.

Jason D.

carno August 23, 2007 01:21

Re: TUI commands logging???
Excellent Jasond, to the point answer.

I also like the TUI and use it a lot. I got this habit while using StarCD. Now they are also following fluent and not working on their TUI. What a pity, since more and more users are entering in CFD, and every software wants to become easier day by day. GUI is easier than TUI anytime. But it is very time consuming.

First suggestion was very useful to me. But for second I have already tried the command mentioned and not able to get the desired result.

I appreciate your help. Thanks

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