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sam September 3, 2007 13:20

Computer Cluster for Turbomachinery
Dear All,

I want to simulate the 10 stages of compressor using fluent 6.2 (is there any advantage of using fluent 6.3). for this i have estimated the no of nodes for one components would be around the 0.4 million, therefore in 10 stages this would be 10*2*0.4 = 8 million or so. For this in my estimate i need atleast 40GB RAM (Correct me if i am wrong) and compatable procesor power.

Please some one guide me on how to make cluster which is capable of handling such a huge turbomachinery problem.

Shoud i go for branded available computer cluster or i should use simple computer (due core or AMD) and make cluster my self. in this case what should be network confugration.

can any body tell me the expanses incured for both options.

thanks in advance

Joe September 5, 2007 20:00

Re: Computer Cluster for Turbomachinery
You will need about 6 GB of ram. GigE is all you need as a cluster interconnect. As regards cluster choice this depends 100% on your budget. What is your budget?

sam September 6, 2007 14:25

Re: Computer Cluster for Turbomachinery
my budget is about $5000. But what about 6GB RAM. ARe you sure. According to my assement i need atleast 40 GB RAM what do you say. SAM

Joe September 6, 2007 14:58

Re: Computer Cluster for Turbomachinery
Best-bang-for-buck option is stringing together commodity desktop machines with a commodity gige switch e.g.

motherboard with decent onboard nic e.g. intel xbx2
Intel q6600 quad core cpu
1-2 gb ddr2-800 ram
power supply
tiny 20 gb hard drive
no graphics card

Proper 64 bit OS e.g. centos.

I recommened as it gives the cluster a nice front end and is based on centos/rhel i.e. Fluent fully supported.

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