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Felix September 14, 2007 11:03

condensation of water vapour at room walls
I want to model the air flow in a room of a factory where there are heat and moisture sources. Further the room is equipped with ventilation devices. The focus is on the condensation of water vapour at the walls (which is to be avoided by means of the ventilation) due to temperature-, flow- and concentration-conditions.

I have no experience with multiphase modelling and am also not interested in the details of the phase change of the water from vapour to liquid at the walls, so I try to avoid multiphase modelling. There shouldn't be any condensation in the fluid phase leading to an aerosol of water droplets in air(fog), only condensation at the walls.

I would prefer using only species transport but with my first attempts, I ran into difficulties specifying appropriate species boundary conditions at the walls. I am thinking about writing a UDF.

What do you think about my approach?

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