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JSM September 20, 2007 09:00

Heat Exchanger Model - urgent

I am going to simulate the shell and tube heat exchanger problem. I am not interested in the phase change. I would like to use heat exchanger model which is available in fluent.

Anybody have used heat exchanger model. How to model the geometry(particularly tube area) and simulation set up for this model.

with warm regards, JSM

jack September 21, 2007 03:02

Re: Heat Exchanger Model - urgent
just check the help. You have to go to define<user defined<heat exchanger and then ask us a more specific problem, i will be glad to help you

jack September 21, 2007 04:31

Re: Heat Exchanger Model - urgent
they cut my message but if you need a specific help i will try to help you

JSM September 21, 2007 07:17

Re: Heat Exchanger Model - urgent
Hi jack,

Thanks for your interest. I am simulating only heat exchanger and there is no other domains to consider.

In shell and tube heat exchanger, there are two inlets and two outlets. But in heat exchanger model which is available in fluent, there is option to mention the primary and auxilary fluid passes for fluid domain. How to define inlet and outlet for the domain.

Please explain me the geometry modeling and problem set up for the heat exchanger model.

with warm regards, JSM

jack September 21, 2007 08:21

Re: Heat Exchanger Model - urgent
auxiliary fluid is the fluid flowing into the pipes of your heat exhanger the primary its the other one. If you know your heat rejection you can use heat rejection model otherwise inlet temprature of your auxiliary fluid. Nota that if your heat rejection is negative then you are obliged to use heat rejection model. In your case probably you have to set up well the geometry. nb passes is your phisical number of passes but rows and column are for calculation so 15 and 1 probably ok. Set up well auxiliary fluid inlet direction as well with 1 or -1 in direction you want following your geometry, as well as pass to pass direction. But the user guide will explain that better than me. I didnt get maybe to much your question , but the two inlet and two outlet in an heat exchanger aare here inlet and outlet of the 2 fluids (primary and auxiliary). So just have a try and then come back with specific question

JSM September 21, 2007 09:10

Re: Heat Exchanger Model - urgent
Hi jack,

So you are advicing me that I need to make the model exactly how many no of passes in actual geometry. But no of rows and columns may be less than the actual(only for representation). In heat exchanger panel, we can mention exactly the no of rows and columns. Am I correct?

I will try this and revert the results. But how much it will give accurate results and what about post processing (contours and vectors)

Thanks for kind help at right time,

with warm regards, JSM

jack September 22, 2007 04:25

Re: Heat Exchanger Model - urgent
did you read the user guide, the rows and column are not physical. This heat exchanger model will be seen like a porous zone so of course you will not see the pipes but it will determine the heat loss and the pressure loss following your set up.

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