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K. Alageel January 14, 1999 19:25

FLUENT Reactions problem
I am doing FLUENT study. I have a problem and need any suggestion for this problem: Is it possible to define reactions involving a third body which does not participate chemically in the reactions? For example: A + B + M ===> C + D + M, (where M: appears on both sides of equation but must have a + or - designation).

Sung-Eun Kim January 15, 1999 19:44

Re: FLUENT Reactions problem
If you're using FLUENT Version 5, you can include third-body effects. You can activate it by clicking on the "Third-Body Effects" botton in "Reaction" panel.

hossam_ali February 17, 2013 12:40

third body in cfd
i wounder do i need to put the third body M in the reactants and the products of the chemical reaction or it is enough to mark on the third body efficency box

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