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Fabrizio September 21, 2007 08:54

partcle tracking (aborted trapped incomplete)

I'm looking at a fluent simulation. It involves particle tracking and it is a steady computation both in continuum and discrete phase.

When discrete trajectories are computed I see this output:

number tracked = 31, escaped = 11, aborted = 2, trapped = 7, evaporated = 0, incomplete = 12

I have two problems.

1) I don't understand what means "aborted", "trapped" and "incomplete" tracked particle. I mean I don't see the difference among this definitions. (The particles are inert material).

2) Moreover if I did a steady computation I would expect that every injected particle leave the domain, otherwise the number of particles inside the domain should increase and so it should not be possible to find a steady solution. Am I wrong?

Thank you for any clarification.

bli September 21, 2007 09:14

Re: partcle tracking (aborted trapped incomplete)
For the first question, I suggest you refer to the User's Guide, Discrete Phase Models, Postprocessing for the Discrete Phase, Reporting of Trajectory Fates:

"Aborted'' trajectories are those that fail to complete due to roundoff reasons. You may want to retry the calculation with a modified length scale and/or different initial conditions.

"Trapped'' trajectories are those that terminate at a flow boundary where the "trap'' condition has been set.

"Incomplete'' trajectories are those that were terminated when the maximum allowed number of time steps--as defined by the Max. Number Of Steps input in the Discrete Phase Model panel--was exceeded.

For the second question, the particles tracked in the previous discrete phase calculation will not 'stay' in the computational domain as you imagined. They don't accumulate even named by 'incomplete' etc.

Fabrizio September 21, 2007 09:26

Re: partcle tracking (aborted trapped incomplete)
Thank you very much for your reply. It helps me a lot ( I didn't find that on the user guide!)

Regarding the second question as far as I understood only trapped particles would stay inside the domain. Am I right?

bli September 21, 2007 09:42

Re: partcle tracking (aborted trapped incomplete)
You are welcome.

But still, in the steady state calculation, none of the particles in previous discrete phase calculation will appear in the next calculation.

Fabrizio September 21, 2007 12:15

Re: partcle tracking (aborted trapped incomplete)
Ok. Thanks again.

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