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bart weisser September 27, 2007 22:32

can't access face variables ...
The following UDF will result in a segmentation fault. All it does is to go through all the faces and obtain a velocity component. The solution domain has been initialized prior to its execution. Interpreted UDF was used. Is there anything else I should be aware of?

<tt> #include "udf.h"#include "mem.h" DEFINE_ON_DEMAND(test){ Domain *d;Thread *t;face_t f;double u;

d = Get_Domain (1);

thread_loop_f (t, d) {begin_f_loop (f, t) {

u = C_U (f, t);

} end_f_loop (f, t);} /*thread_loop_f */} /* udf */ </tt>

max September 28, 2007 06:52

Re: can't access face variables ...
What about using F_U instead of C_U?


bart weisser September 28, 2007 14:09

Re: can't access face variables ...
Shoot ... I meant to write <tt>F_U</tt> (not <tt>C_U</tt>). BW.

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