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scott September 29, 2007 22:27

can't import T-grid mesh into ICEMCFD?
recently i generate a hexa-core mesh with T-grid and go to the ICEMCFD to combine it with other parts,but unfortunately after the grid import the domain can't fulfill the mesh check,anybody know how to fix this issue pls tell me,thanks in advance.

procedure: ansa(surface mesh)->T-Grid(hexa-core volume mesh)->write fluent format(.msh file)->ICEMCFD V11.0(import the fluent mesh,change nothing)->export to fluent format mesh->error in fluent reading(Null Domain Pointer)

red lemon September 30, 2007 17:05

Re: can't import T-grid mesh into ICEMCFD?
export hexcore mesh from TGrid as polyhedral type (TUI command) or convert using utility tpoly.

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