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hari October 5, 2007 02:31

HVAC car park
hi friends, i am going to simulate car park ventilation system for 2 underground floors. one is at 2m from the ground level and another one is at 3m from there. in my simulation i am using the jet centrifugal fan to pushes the air towards to the exhaust. Queries: 1) can i scale down the model 1:10 to reduce the simulation time 2) then what could be my input of centrifugal fan. Suppose it's static pressure is 15 can consider it as 1.5 (10% for scaling down).

PratiK Mehta October 5, 2007 09:28

Re: HVAC car park
Hi ,

are u goin to model the fan or u have the geometry for it

hari October 6, 2007 00:53

Re: HVAC car park building model scale down help
hi, thanks for your intrest on this. i dont have geometry. Going to define the zone and assign the below fan boundary characteristics. Viz. Total (stagnation) pressure, Total (stagnation) temperature, Flow direction, Static pressure, Turbulence parameters, Radiation parameters, Chemical species mass fractions, Mixture fraction and variance, Progress variable, Discrete phase boundary conditions, Multiphase boundary conditions, Pressure jump...etc

can you suggest me how to give inputs for this if i scale down the building

Thanks in advance

Hari V.B.

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