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Tony October 6, 2007 03:16

Mach Contour on water vapor compressible flow
I'm a new FLUENT user. Right now I'm running simulation on the steam ejector. In material panel, I choosed water vapor with ideal gas on the density. In post processing, I want to see the mach number contour, but I can't find mach number in the contour of velocity field. What should I do? Please, is there anyone can help me with this problem? I'd really appreciate your help. Thanks in advanced..

Sun October 6, 2007 22:49

Re: Mach Contour on water vapor compressible flow
The Mach number is ratio of the speed of the object to the speed of sound !you can display velocity or use other post processing software!

Tony October 6, 2007 23:42

Re: Mach Contour on water vapor compressible flow
Thank you for your answers. Yes, you're absolutely right about Mach number definition, but how can I display Mach number contour in Fluent? Is it possible to display it in Fluent? Why isn't there Mach number in velocity contour field even though I've changed the density to Ideal gas? I am so sorry if my questions are so basic. best regards..

dokeun July 15, 2010 00:10

Same problem
I had a same problem doing implementation on supersonic flow in 3D duct.
Compressible air was used as material but I couldn't find mach contour in Fluent post process but velocity magnitude.
Somebody help us. please

pertupd July 15, 2010 11:20

fluent 6.3.16
hi all
To display Ma contours in fluent 6.3.16 you shoud:
- compute with ideal gass law flow for density
- in window /Display/Contours choose Velocity... in Contours of field and Mach Number in the field below.
- check Draw Grid (choode grid surfaces/zones to plot)
- usually uncheck Global Range
- pick Display a that's it.


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