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asd October 10, 2007 04:29

Repair Wall Distance Error
I have a fine mesh with a grid distribution of (y+=1), which gives no warnings through the grid>check command in fluent 6.2.16 and operates and converges smoothly

The same mesh in Fluent 6.3 gives repair-wall-distance error and suggests an alternative algorithm. I follow the repair-wall-distance advice as suggested, but the iteration quickly fall apart and diverge

any ideas why the discrepancy between the two versions?

opehterinar81 July 29, 2011 12:36

I make one simulation, when i check grid for Fluent 6.3, there is no problem there but when i using same model for fluent 12.1, it mention about grid problem and i need to do repair-wall-distance.

I just want to know what is repair-wall distance and how it work. When i do repair-wall-distance, I got the result totally difference with original mesh.

Anybody help me

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