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George Gardner October 12, 2007 08:00

Elemental Drag Custom Field Function

I would like to do an x-y plot of elemental drag for an aerofoil vs. chord

I am trying to therefore define a custom field function to define the drag for each aerofoil element. I have a 2d mesh of an aerofoil with approx 160,000 elements. The aeorofil is at zero degrees. I would like a function that can tell me the drag for each element. I have tried various methods eg using:

p * cell-surface-area * sin ( atan (x-surface-area / y-surface-area))

I'm just trying to get a force by multiplying pressure and cell-surface area. I then need to resolve this into the drag direction (x as it is at zero degrees alpha).

This function does not seem to be giving realsitic numbers.

Any ideas please would be much appreciated.


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