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Frank Grassi October 12, 2007 11:20

Wind Power
I am the inventor of a wind power system using static airfoils. This is a one in a lifetime proposal that may solve our energy problems.The challenge is to demonstrate that wind power is the way forward. I hope to make contact with someone in the CDF community that may be interested in this project.

The CDF application would require modeling of multi element airfoils.

I envision these twin slender skyscrapers sited onshore and used as both habitable structures and power generating towers. They would have a kidney shape and produce 50 MW of power. These slender towers would not be ugly and will use 1/10 the land needed by horizontal turbines.

I have discovered a means of producing electric power from the wind that is many times more efficient then the horizontal turbines now in use. My discovery is an innovative machine using static airfoils.

Rotors produce power proportional to the diameter squared. My patent pending invention produces power from the wind not by increasing rotor diameter to immense sizes but by increasing the wind velocity, and since power is proportional to the cube of the velocity you immediately see the advantage.

I am interested in a CDF study of my concept. Is there some one on this blog that can help me.

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