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Jean-Baptiste October 16, 2007 09:02

GAMBIT internal error:face not found in the stack
Hey everyone,

I get a weird warning message in Gambit 2.3, when I export a mesh. It says: Warn: meshed entity face.183 was not found in the stack (internal error). And right after that, i get the usual message that says that the mesh was exported successfully.

I tried to use the mesh in fluent 6.2 anyway, but I got a segmentation violation error when initializing the simulation. After performing a grid check, it showed inverted volumes, etc... not good :(

So I relaunched Fluent, went through all the pre-prossecing steps again until initialization, performed a grid check after each successful step, and saved a back-up *.cas file each time. I then recieved a segmentation violation error just before initializing, when i was asking Fluent to compute the initial solution from the inlet.

I launched Fluent one more time, tried to open the back-up *.cas, but then got a bunch of Segmentation Violation Errors during the opening...

My guess is that everything is linked to the Gambit warning, but I can't see what's wrong in my model. Any clue?

Thanks for reading! /JB

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