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michael October 18, 2007 13:12

Coal Particle Tracking
Hello I'm currently trying to trace out each coal particle in Fluent. I noticed when I use DPM Particle Tracking, I'll receive a data file that begins with Time column,X-posiiton,Y..Z,... Temperature...Mass...Color by and so on. I looked at the file and noticed that the time goes from 0-7..seconds or so, the begin at 0 again and continues on down the column. Does that mean as soon as the time reset to zero on the data sheet, Fluent is displaying another particle?

Is there a way where I can just track 1 PARTICLE ONLY and look at its time, temp...distribution?

Thank you

fluid October 19, 2007 04:07

Re: Coal Particle Tracking
Have you several injection points? Because I think that in the coordinates of zero-time row, you should find the injection position and diameter value, so you can understand if it is another particle from the previous one... fluid

michael October 19, 2007 13:58

Re: Coal Particle Tracking
Hello Yes, I have several different injection points. However, when I extract the particle, I extract from only 1 injection point. Within this injections 3000 particles were recorded. Is it a correct assumption that every times the "time" column reset to zero, you can say that it's now tracking a new particle?


fluid October 22, 2007 04:11

Re: Coal Particle Tracking
sorry, I'm not sure because the manual doesn't specify it, but i suppose so....

SV November 9, 2007 08:27

Re: Coal Particle Tracking
Yes when the time resets to zero it does mean that it is a new particle. Unfortunately with Fluent there is no possibility of tracking a single particle if you have multiple particle injections. I would second fluid's suggestion of looking at the particle dia and position to confirm that the tracking has changed from one particle to another.

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