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Flo October 20, 2007 13:03

display velocity at wall

starcd and cfx have two different options to display the velocity at no-slip walls. One is the is the excact wall velocity at the wall, which is zero for no-slip walls, and I think,the other options display the cell value in the next boundary cell. Is it possible to do this with FLuent? I saw some starcd results, which show the air velocity distribution on the windshield of a car.


Glenn October 22, 2007 09:24

Re: display velocity at wall
In a contour plot of velocity, you can toggle the "node values" option on and off... Node values on = velocity at nodes... should see zero on non-slip walls. Node values off = velocity at adjacent cell centers (similar to what your describing for cfx and starcd (I believe...)

In a vector plot, you see adjacent cell center velocities (either in absolute or relative reference frames... Node values are not available here, as plotting zero magnitude vectors does not make sense to do.

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