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leo October 22, 2007 07:21

nonpremixed combustion modeling
Hi, I am kinda confused a little. I am trying to simulate an adiabatic non-premixed combustion of a burner by using the mixture fraction modeling. And with the calculated look-up table I can find the mass fractions, density and temperature. So if I enable the energy-equation, the temperature will be acquired by solving the energy-eq and not by looking it up?

I am now running a simulation with and one without the energy equation. What differences can I expect?

Thanks in advance, leo.

hari October 22, 2007 07:34

Re: nonpremixed combustion modeling
hi, You have to enable the energy equation otherwise in temperature you can find more difference during post processing

let me know one thing have you done in 3D or its 2D analysis

In which application are u using it

kind regards,

hari v.b.

leo October 22, 2007 08:07

Re: nonpremixed combustion modeling
hey, I thought that I only need to enable the energy equation if I simulate a NON-adiabatic system? Or if I enable a radiation model within my combustion?

I am modeling a vertical cilindrical combuster chamber, from underneath I got a gaseous fuel and air in the same direction. fuelinlet is a circular inlet and air is a outer ring inlet. thus 3d


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