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Mattia October 26, 2007 08:02

Coupling between momentum and energy equation
Dear all,

I'm Mattia and I'm a PhD student at the Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands).

At the moment, I am analyzing a radial compressor by means of CFD: I am using GAMBIT 2.3.16 for mesh generation and FLUENT 6.3.26 for simulations.

At first, I am using a single rotating frame, which means that everything is rotating (both inlet and outlet basically, because that compressor does not have any diffuser).

My first simulation used incompressible flow to get a first CFD solution. Thus, I did bypass all the "problems" related to solving compressible flows. There is an increase in angular momentum as well as in total pressure.

Now, my big concern/doubt is about a rise in temperature. In incompressible flows there is no dynamic temperature: the total temperature is equal to the static temperature. The question is then: in absence of dynamic temperature, does any change in momentum matter for the temperature at all?

Trying to put it in another way: can the work related to a change in momentum be communicated to the energy equation?

Moreover, can this be done in FLUENT? Probably not, since there is no control over the energy equation in FLUENT (it's just a tick box)?

I hope I could express my idea.

Thank you.

Kind regards, Mattia.

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