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Ervin Amet October 28, 2007 09:33

Gambit -dev X11 doesn't work

I'm trying to lauch Gambit from a remote Linux machine on my Wndows PC. Because the remote machine doesn't have an OPENGL video card or an OpenGL enabled X server (i'm not sure which one of these two is the problem), i'm using "gambit -dev X11" to launch a gambit session without OpenGL. Untill now, things were perfect. My gambit session was starting with "Using X_DEVICE_DRIVER with standard visual" instead of "OPENGL_DEVICE_DRIVER with no standard visual".

But now, it seems that gambit is ignoring my optional parameters. For exemple, if i type "gambit -dev X11" or even "gambit -blablabla", gambit ignores my parameters and will start with "OPENGL_DEVICE_DRIVER with no standard visual"

Any ideas ?


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