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Arne October 29, 2007 15:06

Spring smoothing

I have an internal flow model utilizing dynamic meshing where I am unable to smoothen the mesh on wall surfaces. A UDF moves an interface which subsequently is supposed to trigger an update on neighbouring nodes through SET_DEFORMING_THREAD_FLAG (THREAD_T0 (trd)); I use

def mo un y

so upd

def mo st y

to trigger the UDF as it was implemented in a transient setting. I've defined a plane on which the wall nodes can move:

Define.Dynamic Mesh.Zones.Geometry Definition.plane

and spring smoothing:

Define.Dynamic Mesh.Zones.Meshing Options.smoothing & spring

I've also activated smoothing for all elements. The smoothing works great for volumes... During relaxation, however, the mesh on the walls are not updated resulting in left handed faces. I've tried to smoothen the grid manually with Grid.smooth, but this only affects internal nodes.

If I could smoothen the face nodes by a manual call, all would be fine (could include it in a journal file). The best solution would however for the automated dynamic meshing to kick in :)

Btw... I've successfully made a working 2D-model with the same relaxation parameters and basic functionality.

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