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Charles October 30, 2007 18:48

License server not visible from master node
Does anybody know of a way around the following problem:

Running on an IBM cluster using LoadLeveler, which decides at run time which compute node will act as host. Unfortunately, the Fluent license is hosted off-site, and the compute nodes cannot access the internet, although the login node can. Do you know of a way around this? Moving the license to the login node may not be an option. The nice solution would be if there was a way for the compute node to ask the login node to relay the license request, but I guess that is asking too much. Don't you just love Flex-licensed software?

It is possible (in theory) to start Fluent on the login node without specifying the 3d etc., and to put it in "listen" mode. Now if you start fluent from a compute node using something along the lines of "fluent -cx loginnode:12345:12346" it should start the host process on the compute node, but allow the "listening" fluent process on the login node to check out the license. So far so good, but then if you need to read a journal file to make things happen, this needs to be done from the listening process, which is a bit of a show-stopper if you are trying to run in batch mode. Has anybody had any success with this?

Perhaps we should start a "We hate FlexLM" thread ....

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