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zyf November 2, 2007 10:18

how to move a rotating boundary
I'm modeling a journal bearing with rotating shaft swirling.

When simulate steady solution, that is the shaft is fixed through it's axis and roatating against the axis of shaft, the rotating boundary is set to be moving wall assigned rotating speed and axis. It works very well.

Now, unsteady solution needs in the next analysis, the shaft swirls in bearing. I'm wondering in this case, Is dynamic mesh method needed? How to update tha rotating axis? and will the velocity on shaft surface be automatically updated with new axis?

any suggestion is appreciated.


Ramesh.K December 3, 2007 03:49

Re: how to move a rotating boundary
Hi, you can see the wall boundary condition in which u can give the angular momentum to the wall which gives rotation to the wall there are two types rotating wall or rotating frame of reference please look at the fluent manual for these things



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