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kalee November 2, 2007 15:11

Need help in setting up a shock tube problem
The problem is this. i have to simulate a moving shock problem (basically a shock tube problem)

Let me inform , what i have done (still no success) I am a newbie...

I have created mesh using Gambit and given two fluid zones in it separated by a 'interior'. Then i imported it in fluent and had given the properties of the two fluid zones to be the same. Then i initialised the all zones with a pressure of 1 bar and patched the fluid zone 1 to have a value of pressure equal to 10 bar. I used transient solver, laminar, enabled the energy equation and set the timesteps to 1e-5 and iterated for some 1000 steps, incrementing every 100 steps. But the problem i am having is, i couldnt see any shock propagating.. I dont know why... I may be wrong somewhere. Do help me out... Thanks in advance. The grid is very fine.

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