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Ybes November 3, 2007 13:32

autosave at flow time with adaptive time stepping
Hi everyone...i got a real problem: Im running an unsteady problem in batch mode. To (hopefully) speed up simulation i iterate using the ADAPtive time stepping method. In the AUTOSAVE panel however i can only choose to save after every number of iterations, but NOT at a certain flow-time. So, if i want to save at flow-times 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 [sec] the auto-save option is of no use with the adaptive time stepping method. I found that this can be done with some kind of loop in Schem-programming language (which is supported by the cortex). But this also seems to slow up the simulation, because after every iteration,say, the loop checks the current flow time. Any advice or experience with this kind of problem? thanx in advance

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