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Sham November 3, 2007 18:57

Tri and Quad Mesh
Hi all,

I am using Dynamic Mesh and found that Tri mesh is actually better to comply with dyn. mesh parameters. However, I feel with quad mesh we can have better control of the mesh.

Will the results make a different if we use tri or quad mesh? I also notice that with tri mesh we need a smaller time step than quad mesh? Could anyone pls explain.



Ramesh.K December 3, 2007 03:55

Re: Tri and Quad Mesh

As far as I know there is no difference in using a trinagulation or a quadrilateral meshes unless and untill u encounter a serious problems like the one with boundarylayer capturing or shock wave capturing where quad mesh will have more usage than the tiangulation. its based on the complexity of the underlying geometry we use either a quad mesh or a tri mesh, from both of these we are trying to calculate the fluxes and the derivatives at a point in the flow field.



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