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Serene November 6, 2007 12:34

Gambit Quad:Map meshing scheme
Hi, I have been trying to obtain a structured grid for a compression corner scenario. However, GAMBIT disallows the meshing of my face and gives an error saying "Number of intervals on meshed edges of face does not allow meshing using a scheme of map".

i have ensured that the number of mesh intervals on the opposing sides are the same. I really do not know what went wrong. Can anyone help me on this?

mAx November 7, 2007 02:23

Re: Gambit Quad:Map meshing scheme
try to delete all your mesh and remesh your volume with Map scheme. (delete also face and edge mesh).

Ams December 3, 2007 04:38

Re: Gambit Quad:Map meshing scheme
I am also in search of methode for meshing in gambit. if you know then pls. send me asap

sabarish aero October 7, 2012 13:39

i think this file will u help u gain some knowledge about mesh, after that you have to refer tutorials which is easily available.

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